April 20, 2018

Social Media, Faith and Love Blend Into Film

By Emma Kaweria
Published November 17, 2017

FAITH, a fiction film directed by Jackline Emali Asava, shall be screened and discussed during Lola Kenya Screen film forum (LKSff) at Goethe-Institut in Nairobi on November 27, 2017.Just about how much influence do people we meet in social media make in our lives? Can we really trust such persons? How much change are we willing to make in the name of the love to accommodate such people?

These could be some of the issues FAITH, a fiction film directed by JacklineEmali Asava that shall be screened and discussed during Lola Kenya Screen film forum (LKSff) at Goethe-Institut in Nairobi on November 27, 2017.

Faith, the main character, is lured into an anti-establishment  group in the name of love and religion.

Despite its unique storyline, the concept has not worked for me. For instance, the pace from one scene to the other leaves gaps which the audience must fill in and hence making it difficult to comprehend.

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The film lacks realism. For example police don’t just get into people’s houses without knocking, identifying themselves or showing the owners of the house warrants to search or arrest someone. When they arrest someone, they do not usually order their families to keep quiet about it, or do they?

FAITH by Jackline Asava shows how a woman in love demonstrates that love for her faith and soon-to-be husbandThe facial expressions and body movements of the actors in FAITH lack coordination. Some of the scenes featured do not highlight their relevance to the film. Moreover, the sub-titles on the screen move too fast that you literally have to pause the movie to finish reading.

However, the songs and sound tracks uniquely integrate with the purposed actions of the characters.

Rather than rely on my word, I invite you to the screening and discussion of this film on 27.11.17. The cast and crew of the movie shall be in the house to interact with lovers of motion pictures. Don’t be left out.

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The objectives of LKSff—the most consistent and longest running movie platform on the Nairobi arts and entertainment calendar—are to build capacity in the movie sector of Kenya and eastern Africa; and to help turn movie-making in the region into a sustainable industry.

LKSff deals with all sorts of short moving images: Public Service Announcements (PSAs), Commercials, Animations, Experimentals, Avant-Garde, Documentaries, Music Videos, and Fictions.

LKSff is presented by ComMattersKenya in collaboration with Goethe-Institut.

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