April 23, 2018


After the 1994 Tutsi genocide, different films on the genocide have been by foreigner’s filmmakers and Rwandan decided to tell their stories where schools and Production Companies have been created. Many young talented filmmakers are putting together their talent for the promotion of the Rwandan film industry but they still need more skills and equipment’s.

The Rwandan films production started with RWANDAN CINEMA CENTER where they have been producing short films and coproducing features films with Hollywood and Europe. Almond Tree Films produced MUNYURANGABO feature film and trained a big number of young filmmakers. In 2011, Kivu RUHORAHOZA made the first feature film GREY MATTER and in 2013 Joel KAREKEZI made another professional feature film from Rwandan stories, after a number of films was produced including CHORA CHORA.

There is no distribution strategy in Rwanda and most films are sold on DVD’s but piracy is destroying the distribution Market.

For so many years we had a governmental Rwanda Television and few Africans films was screened but no Rwandan film was broadcasted on the TV. In 2013, 5 more TV started to operate in Rwanda and till now we still have lack of Rwandan films for the TV broadcast.

In Rwanda we are still trying to set up policy for film industry and no final decision was made yet. All filmmakers and the government are still discussing for the structure and organization, which will be in charge of the policy and regulation.