April 20, 2018

Mentorship Platform for Girls and Women in Africa Launched

By Abdi Ali
Published August 27, 2017

Irene Kiwia, TWA Founder and President, says the new platform takes TWA’s work outside the borders of Tanzania, to Africa where the organization wants to expand its influence.An online platform and mobile application designed to provide learning on the go for girls and women in Africa has been launched.

The aim of this initiative by a group called Tanzania Women of Achievement is to “improve lives, expand opportunities and help women flourish”, enabling African societies, countries and continent to prosper.

TWA says its platform is “designed to connect, engage and transform girls by empowering them to match and select mentors from a diverse pool of talented professional women in different categories; as well as learn from content curated for a 21st century girl in areas of health, innovation, business development, personal development, sexual reproductive health and rights, fashion and beauty and many more.”

The new platform, TWA says, takes its work outside the borders of Tanzania, to Africa where the organisation wants to expand its influence.

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TWA says its mentorship “features a helpline from professional psychologists for emotional support and advice, a goal setting and task management feature to help girls set and execute plans strategically, as well as Kinara, a feature for girls to share their personal journeys and inspire each other.”

Sadaka Gandi, Chair, Tanzania Women of Achievement, says Twaa gives women an efficient and effective solution to empower girls, transform communities and transform the continent.Speaking during the launch in Dar es Salaam, Irene Kiwia, TWA Founder and President, said that the mentorship and knowledge-sharing on the go will help facilitate the growth of girls by enhancing their skills, empowering them to perform to their highest capabilities and helping them realise their full potential.

“Twaa mentoring platform is like a GPS system to help guide girls with directions. It bridges the existing gap where women want to give back and pay it forward by uplifting others, but are challenged by lack of time for face to face interactions due to their multi roles in the society; and girls everywhere in Africa are seeking for mentors to guide and shape them but are challenged with access to mentors”.

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“I am thrilled to champion an innovation that will connect the women and girls of Africa. Given the opportunities that lie within the challenges facing Africa, I believe the solution is in numbers,” Kiwia said. “Africa’s young population is the answer in addressing the existing growing gaps. Not only is it the fastest growing population in the world, but it is also predicted to be the youngest in the world by 2035. With expectations to have 50% population increase over the next 18 years, growing from 1.2 billion people today to over 1.8 billion in 2035, Africa will account for nearly half of global population growth over the next two decades. Now this is our continent’s greatest asset and the time to nurture, empower and lay the foundations for its connectivity is now.”

Irene Kiwia, TWA Founder and President, speaks during the launch of TWAA portal and app in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.Sadaka Gandi, a Counseling Psychologist and chair of TWA, said she is keen to see women leaders in Africa leverage this platform to pay it forward and register to mentor girls.

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“TWAA gives women an efficient and effective solution to empower girls, transform communities and transform the continent. It’s an African woman leader’s personal social responsibility platform to give back. We envision the platform to spark a culture of learning among girls and of giving back among women. We look forward to seeing girls’ livelihoods being improved and Africa being impacted by all the positive influences that come with a society of empowered women,” Gandi says.

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