April 20, 2018


Up to 2001, there was no cinema school. In 2001, The UNIVERSITÉ de la LUMIÈRE tented to introduce the section of audio-visual communication. But actually they don’t have needed and adapted equipment for training.

The first typical Burundian production started in 1984 with the starting Burundian TV. The first feature film was produced in 1991, GITO THE UNGRATEFUL, directed by Leonce NGABO. Thereafter, a popular TV series NI NDE was produced by the National TV and some young people raised their own Production Company.

There exists some kind of DVD shops, which play the role of distributors, but they are all illegal, because no one of them has an agreement with the producers.

TV broadcast started in 1984 with the only governmental TV, Radio Television Nationale du Burundi, which covers all the country. Actually, Burundi has 5 TV stations: one governmental and 4 private that are limited in broadcasting?
Only France has built its cinema as part of a cultural center.

Filmmakers joined together to create in 2009 the FESTICAB, the only film festival up to now. It is just recently that Burundi is trying to set up a clear policy for film industry but up to now nothing is yet officially decided. The only thing that exists since 1977 is a censorship structure.

Since 2007, the National Council of Communication was mandated to censor the script before even shooting.