April 20, 2018


Tanzania does have a number of institutions that teach film. The Kilimanjaro Film School in Arusha has short courses which award certificates as well as a 3-year course that leads to a Diploma. Get-Real-Training was another institution that was focusing on film but it has since closed its doors (for only a short period it is believed). Other institutions of higher education including universities also have film courses in their curriculum as part of Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Tanzania produced its first national film in 1972 with Fimbo ya Mnyonge (Dir.T. Hauxthausen), which was very well received and screen in the whole country in cinemas and through the mobile van system. Many other films followed including Yombayomba (1985, Dir. M. Mhando), Mama Tumaini (1987, Dir. M. Mhando ands. Endressen, Maangamizi (2000, Dir.M. Mhando and R. Mulvihill), Tumaini (2004, Dir. B. Mugishagwe). Since then Tanzania has produced hundreds of films under the Bongo Movies banner which have been commercialized and are distributed through its own locally developed star system and channels. Over 100 Bongo movies are produced each year.

The Video Hall distribution system abounds with remarkable results. Over 4000Hall exist in the Hall of Tanzania. Distribution is based on DVD/CD sales. To fight piracy the government introduced a tax stamp system where all original DVDs are stamped with a Hologram Tax Stamp produced by the Tanzania Revenue Authority. DVDs without stamps are deemed pirate copies. Some police action hs taken place to capture sellers and manufacturers of fake DVDs but to avery limited level. Piracy of international and local productions still continues.